The Lumi Group accepts Purchase Orders from government agencies, universities, schools, institutes, hospitals, clinics, and other corporate entities. You can fax your Purchase Order to 404-445-8476 or email it to Once the order is sent, all payments must be made in the form of a check. 

Please include the following on your Purchase Order:

  1. Item SKU
  2. Item description
  3. Quantity
  4. Billing and shipping information
  5. Contact email
Please Note

If your business is a privately owned/operated clinic, school, or other privately operated entity, please be sure to include a completed Application for Credit with your first Purchase Order to be reviewed by our credit department. We will contact your references and get your order approved as quickly as possible. Most credit applications are processed within 48 hours; however, if you need your first order placed right away, please call us to pay via credit card.

Government agencies, hospitals, universities, and public schools will need to submit their first Purchase Order on Official Letterhead including all pertinent information regarding billing and shipping.